Face to Face Interpreting

Interpretation is a complex task. It requires that the interpreter selects the right word for a spoken translation instantly & without fail. There is no opportunity to edit; no margin for error. DOMENECH EXPRESSIONS selects from among the most highly qualified interpreters to meet our clients’ needs in any location. Whether you request interpretation services weeks in advance or on short notice, our client service professionals are ready to assign the best interpreters to meet your needs. Hospitals, law firms, government offices, media companies, academic institutions, and many others rely on our interpreting services. No event is too large or too small. Private individuals and small businesses receive the same quality interpreting that multinational companies have come to expect. As a client, you will have full access to our brand new Online Scheduling System, which is designed to automate every possible business function associated with professional delivery of face-to-face interpreting services.

Together United

Our services include:

  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Depositions, arbitration, mediations and court hearings
  • Client meetings
  • Medical appointments
  • Physical therapy sessions
  • Workers’ compensation interviews
  • Recorded statements
  • Trainings
  • Attorney appointments
  • Parent/teacher conferences
  • Classroom interpretations
  • Religious functions
  • Employee interviews

“We guarantee a quality interpretation”