Online Scheduling System

Online Scheduling | Our Services | Domenech ExpressionsOur online scheduling system is designed to automate every possible business function associated with professional delivery of face-to-face interpreting services.

Each authorized requester of interpreting services is provided with a unique username and password. They can input, edit and cancel interpreting assignments directly into a secure, HIPAA-compliant database, 24/7/365.

Managers of interpreting services can input, add, edit or cancel appointments as needed, receive e-mail notifications when their appointments get covered, submit interpreter evaluations, receive interpreter activity summary reports, billing reports, and appointment fill rate by language reports.

Complete transaction histories allow appointment actions to be traced to every individual that interacts with the interpreter request from intake to completion (i.e. who requested, who edited/cancelled, which interpreter accepted the appointment, etc.). Schedulers can track original interpreter to first appointment in order to maintain continuity of care.

All paper forms will be available to any user online at any time.

“Telephone hold-times will be reduced. Call volumes will drop. System responsiveness will increase. More work can be managed with less stress and less staff time.”